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Solo & Ensemble Festival

Sunday, February 27, 2022


Outstanding High School Soloist Awards


1st -- Breanna McCalla

2nd -- Kami Hill



Honor Recital Performers


7th-8th grades

Jenna Christian (Anna Smith Gartner)

Victoria Torres (Nancy Stizza-Ortega)
Kate Wardlaw (Anna Smith Gartner)


9th-10th grades

Sadie Carlton (Parthena Owens)


11th-12th grades

Kami Hill (Amy Zuback)

Breanna McCalla (Juliana Overmier)

Lily Niu (Jill Johnson)



Honorable Mention


7th-8th grades

Mira Burrell (Amy Zuback)

Abigail Lewis (Amy Zuback)

Kristyne Palmer (Natalie Syring)


9th-10th grades

Emma Martin (Juliana Overmier)


11th-12th grades

Stephanie Cromer (Amy Zuback)

Anna Ungvari (Parthena Owens)

Jenny Nguyen (Parthena Owens)


Congratulations to all!!

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