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Call for Flute Choir Proposals 

2024 Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair
Event Date: April 6, 2024

Location: Oklahoma City University

Application Deadline: Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Oklahoma Flute Society currently accepts proposals for adult and collegiate flute choirs to perform at either the Luncheon Concert featuring Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda’s music or a Lobby Concert during the Flute Fair.  The Luncheon Concert will take place on Saturday, April 6th, at 12:00pm in the Atrium. The Lobby Concert will be scheduled after applicants have submitted their applications.


Repertoire required to be considered for a slot in the Luncheon Concert is music composed by Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda. If this requirement cannot be met, the applicant will be considered for a Lobby Concert slot. Each group will have no longer than 6 minutes including introductory remarks for their performance. Performers agree to appear at the Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair at their own expense.  Applications will be approved in the order in which they are received and will be notified immediately. Please submit the application form below no later than Friday, February 1, 2024. All flute choir members (except auxiliary instruments such as percussion, piano, or harp) must be members of the Oklahoma Flute Society when confirming participation.



Questions should be directed to the Flute Fair Assistant Chair Kelsey Shanks at:

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