Oklahoma Flute Society By-laws

Revised October 2018

Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Oklahoma Flute Society (OFS).

Section 1. It shall be the purpose of this Society to promote flute study and

         performance, to encourage camaraderie among flutists, and to encourage the highest standards of teaching and performance.
Section 2. The Society is not organized for profit and no part of its net earnings inures to the benefit of any private individual. The                 OFS is registered with the United States Interval Revenue Service as a non-profit organization under Section 501©(3).

Section 3. In the event of the dissolution of the Society, any funds remaining in the treasury after payment of outstanding debts shall            be contributed to the National Flute Association, Inc., or if it does not exist, to a Section 501©(3) non-profit organization.

Section 4. The OFS welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, religions, creeds, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, physical            abilities, ages, and social, economic, and educational backgrounds. We foster an environment in which all members and                          guests feel safe, supported and valued, and in which discrimination or harassment is never tolerated.

Section 1. Membership is open to anyone interested in the flute.
Section 2. Members are encouraged to join the National Flute Association, Inc. Section 3. Classifications of membership are

                  A. Active.
                  B. Student—pre-college, full-time undergraduate, or full-time graduate students.
                  C. Honorary Life—a person who has served the organization with great distinction may be so named by the Executive                                   Board. Section 4. Only Active members may vote, hold an office, or chair a committee. Section 5. Dues for each type of                             membership are set by the Executive Board. Section 6. The membership/fiscal year is August 1-July 31.

Section 1. Any business or college/university interested in promoting the activities of this organization may become a Corporate or                 Collegiate Sponsor.
Section 2. Levels of dues and benefits for Sponsors are set by the Executive Board.

Section 1. Elected Officers. The elected officers of this Society shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,                           Communications Coordinator, and three (3) Delegates.

                  A. All officers shall serve for one membership year and may be re- elected for a total of three consecutive years in one                                   office, with the exception of the treasurer, who may serve an unlimited number of terms.

                  B. An officer who has served three terms may serve in the same office after one intervening year.

                  C. Vacancies in elected offices may be filled for remainder of the term by appointment by the President with approval of                               the Executive Board.

                  D. Persons holding the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall not chair any major events for                         the Oklahoma Flute Society during their term of office.

Section 2. Chairs for committees and special events shall be appointed by the President and shall serve as members of the Executive              Board. Chairs must be Active members in good standing.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall appoint one or more High School and one or more College Representatives to serve as Advisory           (non-voting) members of the Board. Nominees must be members in good standing.

Section 4. The immediate past President shall be a voting member of the Executive Board and all other past Presidents shall be                     invited to serve as Advisory (non-voting) members.

Section 5. The Executive Board will meet as called by the President, but at least once per year. Meetings will follow procedures                       outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Section 6. All Executive Board members (officers, delegates, chairs and representatives) are expected to be current in dues, and to                 attend board meetings and society events as regularly as possible. Dues must be paid by September 1.


Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers for the annual election. (See Article VII.)
Section 2. The Auditing Committee shall review the financial records annually.

Section 3. Chairs and members of these committees are appointed by the President.



Section 1. The Nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers, all of whom must agree to be nominated.
Section 2. The election may be conducted by meeting or electronic means as directed by the Executive Board.

                   A. If by meeting, the slate must be made known to the membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting.                                                      Nominations may be made from the floor of willing candidates.

                   B. If by electronic means, the members must be allowed two weeks to respond. Write-in votes are allowed providing                                     the candidate has agreed to be nominated.

Section 3. The slate may be voted per office or by acclamation.
Section 4. The election must be sustained by majority vote of the Active members.

Section 5. New officers will assume their duties on August 1.

Section 1. The President shall preside at meetings, appoint committee chairs, be an ex-officio member of all committees, assist the              chairs of special events, and take an active role in the planning of these events.
Section 2. The Vice-President shall assume the President’s duties when needed and be in charge of Membership, including keeping              accurate records on members, encouraging membership renewals, and soliciting new members. The Vice-President will support         grant-writing efforts and coordinate with events chairs to verify the membership status of attendees.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings and records of special events, and shall distribute minutes to the Executive             Board within two weeks of any meeting.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all finances, prepare monthly and annual reports, and prepare a budget to be         adopted by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall send membership information received with dues payments on to the Vice-           President and Communications Coordinator and provide records as needed for the annual audit.

Section 5. The Communications Coordinator shall send information to the membership as directed by the Executive Board.

Section 6. Delegates shall attend Executive Board meetings and organization events, serve on committees as needed, and support              chairs as requested.


Section 1. A quorum for the Society is one third of its Active Members.
Section 2. A quorum for the Executive Board is five (5) members, three (3) of whom must be elected officers.


Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote as described underArticle V, Section 3.

These By-Laws originally adopted October 1995. Revised February 1996, March 1997, April 2000, and April 2015.

© 2016 by Oklahoma Flute Society


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