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If you have any questions about upcoming events or would like more information about joining OFS, please contact OFS President Amy Zuback using the contact form to the right.



Thanks for Contacting the Oklahoma Flute Society

Join the E-mail List


If you would like to join our e-mail communication list, please submit the following information. This will allow you to receive notices about upcoming events.


You have now subscribed to receive information about upcoming events!

Announcements or Publications


If you would like an announcement or publication sent to the all OFS Members, please send information to our Communications Coordinator at

In order to to reduce the number of emails, we will be sending one annoncement email a week, usually to be sent on Monday (except for holidays). All emails must be received by noon on Sunday to be included in the Monday email.

It is best if all announcements or publications are recieved two weeks prior to an event or deadline.

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