OFS Solo & Ensemble Festival 2021

The Oklahoma Flute Society will host a virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival this March in lieu of the annual in-person Festival. Submissions will be received according to the schedule detailed below and the Honors Recital and Outstanding High School Soloist Competition will be presented in an online event. Professional flutists will judge the performances and provide a written critique.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021 by 11:59pm

-Application, video recording, and score (pdf) submissions due

Monday, March 22

-First round results announced

Sunday, March 28 at 2:00pm

-Honors Recital & Announcement of Outstanding High School Soloists


Divisions & Requirements

  • The Festival offers Elementary, Middle School (grades 7-8), and High School (grades 9-12) categories in Solos and Ensembles. 

  • All soloists must be a member of the Oklahoma Flute Society.

  • Ensembles may be of any size or instrumentation but at least one player must be a flutist and an Oklahoma Flute Society member.

  • Previous winners of the Outstanding High School Soloist Award are eligible to enter again. Only 9th-12th grade students will be eligible for the Outstanding High School Soloist Award.

  • OFS Community Outreach Scholarships to attend the Solo & Ensemble Festival at no charge are available to individuals who qualify. Complete information is posted on the website under the Community Outreach tab.


  • Outstanding soloists from each division will be chosen to be in a virtual Honor Recital and Competition on Sunday, March 28.

  • Ribbons and/or Certificates will be awarded and mailed after the event.

  • Outstanding High School Soloist First Place will receive a cash prize of $200 and Outstanding High School Soloist Second Place will receive a cash prize of $100.


Music (all divisions)

  • Memorization is not required in all divisions.

  • Any type of work for flute with or without accompaniment

  • Works with accompaniment may either be performed with accompaniment or without and either type of submission will be judged the same. SmartMusic or commercially recorded accompaniments are accepted in lieu of an actual accompanist.

  • Time limit on repertoire: Ten (10) minutes for 9th-12th graders. Elementary and Middle School students have a Six (6) minute time limit.  Multi-movement works are acceptable. 

  • No cuts may be made in the flute part; however, cuts in the piano introduction/ interludes are acceptable. Repeated sections marked by dot repeats or first/second endings are at the performers’ discretion.

  • To comply with copyright law, students must be in possession of an original copy of their piece..

Recording Guidelines

  • A video recording of the applicant’s performance must be submitted. Submission formats include, but are not limited to, YouTube and Dropbox.

  • If using piano accompaniment, the two performers may choose to record their parts separately and merge them in video software, constituting a virtual collaboration.

  • No edits may be made, including cuts, splices, equalization, or addition of reverberation.

  • Multi-movement selections must be recorded without stopping the recorder between movements.

  • Keep in mind that the recording will be used both by the judges who write your critique and also for the Honors Recital, if chosen. Dress appropriately and consider the background of the room. You want the best audio and video possible in a home recording, so take time to experiment.

  • More detailed guidelines for making your recording can be found on the HERE.

  • Recordings must be submitted with the online application.

Festival Competition Winners

  • The Oklahoma Flute Society will present the Honors Recital on a pre-recorded, live-streamed event on Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 2:00pm.  Winners of the Outstanding High School Soloist Competition will be announced at this time. 


Entry form, score (pdf), recordings are due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.