OFS Honor Flute Choirs

Natalie Syring, Director


The Honor Flute Choirs, under the leadership of Natalie Syring, have been performing at OFS events since 2004.  The ensembles were formed to provide an exciting and challenging performance opportunity for Oklahoma’s junior high and high school students.  The outstanding young flutists that make up the ensembles will have the opportunity to play on piccolos, C flutes, alto flutes, and bass flutes. To perform in an Honor Flute Choir, students must meet certain playing requirements and be nominated by a private music teacher or a band director.


Due to concerns regarding Covid-19, there will be no Honor Flute Choir activities during fall 2021.  We hope to have the Honor Flute Choirs perform at Oklahoma Flute Fair, March 27, 2022.



For more information about any OFS Flute Choir activities, contact:

Natalie Syring

h. 405-844-6239

c. 405-650-7195